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Advanced medical technologies in pregnancy

Infertility as a relationship crisis: Starting a family with medical help

The pressure to start a family can be overweighing as the thought of having kid’s raise questions as for whether or not you can conceive. One in five couples experiences difficulties when conceiving. Infertility is a common but an unexpected issue that could drive couples into a crisis mode. Coming to terms with this new reality is quite challenging as couples focus on the monthly period with hope which often presents itself as a disappointment especially when their expectations don’t come around. It creates a lot of stress and struggles for both the individuals and the relationship itself as ovulation calendars, doctors’ schedules, examinations, and treatments take over. Read More

C-Section what you need to know?

Are you expecting a baby and wondering whether you will have vaginal birth or a Caesarean section(C-Section)?

You will have to speak to your doctor regarding the type of birth you will be having. It is important to know about the C-Section if your doctor has advised for this procedure for your child birth.
Caesarean involves cutting through the pregnant woman’s abdomen and uterus to take out the baby. The factors leading to C-sections are either medical complications or the mother’s choice.Most women are usually scared by the idea of having a caesarean delivery. This is because they feel there is more risk associated with C-section than vaginal birth, and moms recover from vaginal birth faster than from C-section. Modern technology, however, has made caesarean an easy operation which is considered by pregnant women. Below are some pointers of about C-sections.  Read More

The Pain and Recovery of a Miscarriage

I recall that dark day. The day when my heart was ripped out of my body. The emptiness in me. My body, void, where life once grew. In the hospital where the cries of newborn life could be heard, I was walking away with my hands empty. My womb felt bare where I had once felt the joys of my baby’s kicks. I clutch my hand to my belly, still swollen, yet empty.

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