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Vagina care

Medical checkups for women over 40s

As a woman, it is generally advised that they have to take extra care of their body and pay special attention to their health and have a keen watch on any changes that may occur to their body. Particularly for women over 40, it is very important that they maintain optimal health and try and detect early stages of any issues erupting.
So it is necessary for every women especially post 40 to examine their health through some extremely important test to maintain their healthy life and also to address any illness before it becomes a problem. Read More

6 Things those are bad for vagina

Are there any bad things about your vagina? Of course, it is weird to ask this, but again vagina is part of our bodies and it should not be left behind. Most of us are conversant about their other parts of the body forgetting this very crucial part that has made all of us exist. Most of us just associate having many sexual partners with a bad thing for their vagina and even masturbation. They do not know that there are others which are most dangerous. Here are the bad things you didn’t know for your vagina. Read More

Vaginal Health – Infections and their symptoms

One of the key factors for Women Health is vaginal health. The vaginal health problem can result to a woman losing self-confidence, stress or ability to reach orgasm during intercourse resulting to relationship problems. It’s therefore important for a woman to maintain a healthy vagina. A healthy vagina will have a natural acid PH and healthy bacteria that keeps off infections and keeps the Vagina in a natural healthy state. Women should have ideas of what can affect their vagina so as to keep it away from any infections. Read More

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