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facts related to surrogacy

Cabinet nod to Draft Surrogacy Bill

It is a definitely a disappointing day in the history for childless couples. Perhaps, policy makers are not aware of the need for surrogacy for complex lifestyle society. There should be a regulation, and all possible attempts must be taken to stop the wrongdoing. But banning might aggravate the issue and make way for non-ethical practices. Read More

GESTATIONAL SURROGACY: Separating Fact from Fiction

Families with birth-related issues may writhe in psychological and emotional pain as their neighbors gather their children in wait for Santa as he makes his rounds. However, they need not shoulder such a weight. They have a choice to resort to an aided conception process, or go the surrogate way altogether. This, however, does not imply that these options are a flash miracle waiting to happen. There are considerations that affected parents have to confront as they either consider the IVF direction or the surrogate way. It is no doubt that surrogacy is a hot topic worth discussing. Here are some of the common facts and fictions about a surrogate arrangement that they need to know. Read More

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