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Women Health

Obesity and Menstrual Cycle

Have you ever wondered whether your menstrual cycle is affected by your overweight status? Are you obese and find that your monthly cycle is irregular with heavier than normal menstrual blood flows? Then I highly recommend that you read on and get insight into the relationship between your obesity and regular monthly cycles.
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Vaginal Health – Infections and their symptoms

One of the key factors for Women Health is vaginal health. Vaginal health problem can result to a woman loosing self-confidence, stress or ability to reach orgasm during intercourse resulting to relationship problems. It’s therefore important for a woman to maintain a healthy vagina. A healthy vagina will have a natural acid PH and health bacteria that keeps off infections and keeps the Vagina in a natural healthy state. Women should have ideas of what can affect their vagina so as to keep it away from any infections. Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness

Whether you are just into general knowledge about breast cancer, troubled about developing the disease, deciding on treatment options, or striving to live well post treatment, this guide comes in handy with key information on various aspects of the disease.

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