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Male Infertility

Diet and male fertility: What is good and what is bad

Infertility is on the rise and a lot is spoken about it these days. There are a lot of steps that you can take to better your sperm volume and you might have heard about the standard ones. Like don’t wear tight clothes, keep the laptop far away from your lap, avoid keeping you mobile phones in your pant pockets or stop smoking as soon as possible. But there are a very few advices regarding the food that one eats. Men have not very frequently heard about anything in their diet that can affect their sperm count.  Researchers have been working on to suggest people, what they should include in their diet and what should be avoided to increase the count, motility and the normal shape of the sperm. Read More

Male Infertility- Low Sperm Count and Treatment

Amongst all the hype about commitment and kids, deep down every man loves to spread his seeds. The male species is genetically programmed to impregnate a female.  Every healthy offspring is considered as a living proof for a man’s masculinity.  Oligospermia or low sperm count will come as a death blow to an alpha male’s ego. Knowing he cannot reproduce usually leaves many men incredibly insecure and disturbed.

Oligospermia is a self-induced scenario in half of the cases. Excessive drinking, chain smoking, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) everything leads to this infertile condition. Let us discuss two important causes for low sperm count in males. Read More

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