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Master Class Infertility 3

After the great success that we experienced for the Master Class series 1 and Master Class series 2, we have planned to come up with the Master Class fertility series 3. The objective of this fertility series is to take the experience of the Master class Infertility 2 to the next level by having more international experts in the field. The Master class infertility 3 intends to raise awareness of new valuable techniques that will improve your skills and in turn will improve reproductive outcome for your patients. Read More

Treating Women with Infertility

We at Shrikhande IVF & Surrogacy Center Nagpur, India understand the emotional burden that infertility can have on a woman and are determined to find the root cause of the problem. Infertility may be a result of certain underlying condition hence we specialise in identifying these conditions and help many women become pregnant upon treating their diagnosis.

To accurately diagnose patients, Shrikhande IVF & Surrogacy Center uses latest techniques for evaluations. We provide the essential information for diagnoses and treat your problem. Read More

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